G PENNY 2 2KW ER20 Water Cooled Spindle Kit CNC Spindle 4 Bearings 2 2KW Inverter VFD 80mm Spindle Bracket 75w Water Pump in Machine Tool Spindle from Tools

G PENNY 2 2KW ER20 Water Cooled Spindle Kit CNC Spindle 4 Bearings 2 2KW Inverter VFD 80mm Spindle Bracket 75w Water Pump in Machine Tool Spindle from Tools
G PENNY 2 2KW ER20 Water Cooled Spindle Kit CNC Spindle 4 Bearings 2 2KW Inverter VFD 80mm Spindle Bracket 75w Water Pump in Machine Tool Spindle from Tools
G PENNY 2 2KW ER20 Water Cooled Spindle Kit CNC Spindle 4 Bearings 2 2KW Inverter VFD 80mm Spindle Bracket 75w Water Pump in Machine Tool Spindle from Tools
G PENNY 2 2KW ER20 Water Cooled Spindle Kit CNC Spindle 4 Bearings 2 2KW Inverter VFD 80mm Spindle Bracket 75w Water Pump in Machine Tool Spindle from Tools
G PENNY 2 2KW ER20 Water Cooled Spindle Kit CNC Spindle 4 Bearings 2 2KW Inverter VFD 80mm Spindle Bracket 75w Water Pump in Machine Tool Spindle from Tools
G PENNY 2 2KW ER20 Water Cooled Spindle Kit CNC Spindle 4 Bearings 2 2KW Inverter VFD 80mm Spindle Bracket 75w Water Pump in Machine Tool Spindle from Tools

Product Specification

Drive: Motor

Model Number: 2.2kw water cooled spindle motor kit

Application: Milling

Maximum Torque: 0.8Nm

Operating Speed: 0-24000rpm


Size: 80x230mm

Power: 2.2kw (1HP=735w)

Cooling: Water cooled

Bearing Type: 2 X 7005C P4 DT and 2X 7002C P4 DT

Collet: ER20

Frequency: 400Hz

Spindle Clamp: 80mm

Inverter Type: 220v 2.2kw 400Hz

Water Pump Type: 75w 220v 3200 L/H

Application: Milling, Engraving









1 X  220v 2.2KW ER20 Water Cooled Spindle 220V 4 Bearings

1 X  220v 2.2KW Inverter 220V

1 X  80mm Cast Aluminium Bracket

1 X 75W Water Pump & 5M Tupe

1 set ER20 high accuracy collet ( precision ≤ 0.008mm) — 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 (as gift)







  • Size: 80x230mm (Middle body diameter:80mmxLength:230mm)

  • Speed Ways: Speed Ways: Through 3-phase output inverter and adjust the inverter frequency to change the spindle speed.

  • Cooling: Water cooling

  • Power Interface: Optional H20-4 pins waterproof air plug. The air plug marked "1 ","2"," 3"," 4", "1 ","2 ","3" were connected to inverter (U, V, W), 4 connected inverter ground.

  • Power: 2.2kw

  • Voltage: 220v

  • Current: 10A

  • Frequency: 0-400Hz

  • Speed0-24000rpm

  • Runout Off: Less than 0.01mm

  • Diameter(mm): 80

  • Bearing Type: 2 x 7005 P4 DT & 2 x 7002 P4 DT

  • Collet: ER20

  • Clip Knifediameter: 13mm,12mm,12.7mm,11mm,10mm,9mm,8mm,7mm, 6.35mm,6mm, 5mm, 4mm, 3.175mm, 3mm, 2mm, 1mm (standard 6mm)

  • Water Cooling ER20 collet chunk

  • Grease Lubrication

  • Main Application: Engrave for wood,bamboo,normal PCB,PVC,PMMA,plastic,bamboo,duotone board(ABS)and etc nonmetal,also can engrave on gold,silver,copper,aluminium,Pb etc soft metal surface working.


Preparations before use:

  • Spindle working environment temperature is usually -10  ~ 40 .

  • Before installing the first electric spindle axis head turned by hand, should feel flexible, non-blocking phenomenon.

Use correctly:
  • Spindle in the preservation and transportation, high-speed grease inside the bearing state will change, customers should be running at low speed for 30 minutes. 3000 rpm and then follow the poor increase, run 20 minutes each. Spindle and the inverter should be working together. The inverter's specifications and parameter settings need match spindles parameter.

  • Connect the inverter spindle, three-phase inverter power cord should be soldered in the plug 1 (U), 2 (V), 3 (W) feet, 4 feet for the ground. After the power is turned on, to observe whether the spindle rotation axis indicates the direction consistent. If inconsistency should be immediately shut down, replace the inverter and spindle connected two wires of three-phase power supply.

  • It should ensure that before use of water-cooled spindle, the cooling system is working properly. Every day before using the spindle must be running at low speed for 15-20 minutes. Clamping the cutters to spindle, collet nuts ,collets,cutters must be clean enough. Shank inserted into the collet must be greater than 15mm.

Care and maintenance:

  • Water cooled spindle MUST be used with water pump. Otherwise the spindle will soon broken.

  • AC spindle motor MUST use with inverter. The power of inverter need equal or bigger than the spindle power. Before using,please set up the inverter parameters suitable for spindle. Otherwise the spindle and inverter will broken at once.

  • When you use the spindle,the noise is not same as always,please STOP the spindle at once. You may need to replace the spindle bearings.

Water-colled spindle and air-cooled spindle differences:

  • 1. Cooling in different ways: water-cooled spindle motor is the use of the water cycle to cool the heat generated after the high-speed rotating spindle, spindle motor with fan-cooled approach to cooling.

  • 2. Noise: Water-cooled spindle motor is basically no noise, but the air-cooled spindle motor is very loud.

  • 3. Life aspects: Water-cooled spindle motor pay attention to maintenance, frequently changes the water or the use of industrial water coolers, air-cooled spindle fan mainly by the wind blowing the heat transferred to the heat sink, so as to achieve the cooling effect.

  • 4.If you need use for metal ,hard wood,granite,stone,you can choose metal spindle.Metal spindle much better than wood spindle.






Tech parameters:

  • Power: 2.2kw

  • 1) Input Voltage: 220V

  • 2) Output Voltage 220 VAC 

  • 3) Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz

  • 4) Output Frequency: 400 Hz

  • 5) Input Phase: 1  phase

  • 6) Output Phase: 3 phase  

  • 7) Contro Method: V/F control ; Open-loop flux vector control







Inverter input terminals

Connection point of AC input power supply, single-phase connects to R,T


Ground terminals

Ground terminals


Brake resistor terminals

Connect to brake resistor


Inverter output terminals

Connect to three-phase motor



1. Open-loop flux vector control---Vector inverter have a bigger torque in low frequency too. So the vector inverter have a good performe in 50~400Hz.

2. Closed loop control can be achieved. Vector inverters can easily implement closed-loop control, while V/F inverters are relatively complex.

3. Usually Vector inverter price higer 10% than normal V/F control, now we offer a very cheap price for vector inverter.

4. The volume of the spindle is small,so it save space of the controller box.







Power Supply


External +10 Power

Output +10V power supply, maximum output current: 10mA

Generally it is used as power supply of external potentiometer, potentiometer resistance range: 1kΩ to 5kΩ


External+24V power supply

Output +24V power supply, generally it is used as power supply of digital input and output terminals and external sensor. Maximum output current: 200mA


External power input terminal

When external signal is used to drive, please unplug JP1 jumpers, PLC must be connected to external power supply, and to +24V (default).

Analog input


Analog input terminal 1

1 .Input range: (DC OVto 10V/O to

20mA), depends on the selected JP2 jumper on control panel.

2.1hput impedance: 22kΩ with voltage input, 500Ω with current input


Analog input terminal 2

1 .Input range: (DC0V to 10V/0 to

20mA), depends on the selected JP3 jumper on control panel.

2.Input impedance: 22kΩ with voltage input, 500Ω with current input.

Digital Input

X1 TO X5

Multifunction digital terminals

1. Opto-coupler isolation, compatible with bipolar input

2. Input impedance: 2.4kΩ

3. Voltage range of level input: 9V to

30V, depends on the selection of JP1 jumper on the control panel.

Analog Output


Analog output terminals 1

The selected JP4 jumper on control panel determines voltage or current output. Output voltage range: 0V to 10V output current range: 0mA to 20mA

Digital Output


Output signal 1

Output Open Collector signal MO 1,the common terminal is MCM.

Output voltage range: 0 to 24V, output current range: 0 to 50mA

Relay Output


Output signal 2

Relay output, TA normally open, TB normally closed, TC common terminal, output function is determined by F2.03 setting. Contact capacity: 7A/AC250V




Diameter: 80mm

Material: Cast Aluminium



1.Compared with the aluminium profile fixture,the accuracy is much higher , and it is hard to deform.

2.Inner wall is very smooth,  outer walls is sandblasted, relatively fine uniform,  but not very smooth.

3.Cast aluminium fixture is much heavier than aluminium profile fixture.


Product Description:

Cast aluminium fixture is high quality aluminium which is casting with a special manufacturing process ,compared with ordinary aluminium ,This product has toughness, strong shock resistance, high hardness and strong antioxidant activity. 



Cast aluminium fixture is mainly used for fixation of ancillary products, thereby ensuring the verticality of balancing and ancillary products, ancillary products to improve running accuracy, reduce noise, reduce the accumulated error.















   Shipping terms   


Our products are sold worldwide.

But if your country is more difficult to transport goods, please contact us in advance to confirm shipping cost.





We accept paypal credit, bank transfer, western union etc. 

Payment must be made within 7days calendar days of the auction end time.



   Problems And Feedback   

PLEASE DON'T leave any negative feedback before you contact us.

Please give us the opportunity to resolve any problem,we will try our best to help you.

Your satisfaction is very important for our store, so please contact us before you want to leave a negative feedback. 

Thanks very much in advance.





If you are not satisfied with our package like the products is  damage,
please do not sign it and contact us immediately.

If it is possible, please take some photos or make a small video about it. It will help us to solve the problems.





We can produce the product according to our customer's design. 

If you need something is very special, please contact us about it.

We are willing to help you about it.




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Commetns fondprim.ru :
The seller 6 days did not send the order, then sent from china, although the shipment was chosen from russia, because of this, from the moment of order to delivery to me, it took 2 weeks, could be faster. But, apparently as compensation, the seller put a conical cutter and a soft toy as a gift. The spindle itself is excellent, it already works on the machine, after 5 hour run-in everything is quiet., after the collector's chair is an excellent thing. The frequency has already been configured for the spindle. In a box with a spindle are two additional collets. Packed all on conscience. In general, the seller is handsome, you can take a small hitch with sending, and so everything is ok.

HI David, I received the package, everything is fine!